Our client company in the construction industry is looking to hire machine operators with a knowledge of the latest technology in hand and power tools, including computerized machinery, to cut, fit and assemble wood and other materials in the construction of buildings, docks, industrial plants and many other structures. He may be required to make drawings or blueprints that define the scope of the specific project, measure and mark the layout, cut and shape the materials with hand and power tools, join the materials, check the work and make any necessary adjustments. His duties will often include arranging for sub-contractors, preparing cost estimates and writing progress reports also.

He may be required to install prefabricated structures such as window frames, doors or shelves, build foundations, install beams and subflooring, or erect walls and roofing systems as well as build stairways and wall partitions and install moldings, parquet flooring and tiles.

The machine operator’s job roles include:

  • Prepare layouts in conformance to building codes, using measuring tools
  • Measure, cut, shape, assemble and join materials made of wood, wood substitutes, lightweight steel and other materials
  • Build foundations, install floor beams, lay subflooring and erect walls and roof systems
  • Fit and install trim items, such as doors, stairs, molding and hardware
  • Maintain, repair and renovate residences and wooden structures in mills, mines, hospitals, industrial plants and other establishments
  • Supervise apprentices and other construction workers
  • May prepare cost estimates for clients.
  • Measuring, cutting, and shaping wood, plastic, and other materials
  • Constructing building frameworks, including walls, floors, and doorframes
  • Repairing damaged framework or other structures and fixtures


Skills Required:

  • Possess Mechanical skills and must be comfortable operating, maintaining, and occasionally repairing all tools as necessary
  • Good knowledge of mathematics in order to accurately measure materials that need to be cut and installed. They also use their math skills to plan projects. This might include reading blueprints and making measurements as well as calculating costs to make sure a project comes in under budget.
  • must be able to problem-solve when issues arise in a project and be innovative as well as know how to take the initiative
  • Physical Strength is a prerequisite for this role.
  • Should be able to communicate effectively with clients, as well as listen carefully so that they can understand what the client requires. They also need to be able to explain complex technical issues in terms non-carpenters will understand.
  • Must have knowledge of chiseling, trouble-shooting, flooring, refinishing, remodeling, renovation, repairs, restoration, rough to finish, wood quality, versatility, deck planning and construction, roofing etc
  • Must be ready to learn

 Experience: At least two-three years proven experience as a carpenter or computerized joinery operator will be an added advantage

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